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Lampocoy grand cru

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Since more than 100 years the small scale producers of the little mountain village Lampocoy, Nuevo Oriente/Guatemala are producing an excellent coffee.

The German tv-journalist Dethlev Cordts discovered that coffee in 2011 and brought it to Europe, where it was enthusiastically received by the coffee community.

In 2013 the coffee was awarded in Nice, France by the European Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.


Lampocoy grand cru - a gourmet coffee of the highest class


On the eastern edge of the tremendous volcanoes in Central America, at an altitude between 1,000 and 1,500 meters, the coffee cherries ripen over a period of more than ten months in optimal cool-moist microclimate.

The full Arabica smells of warm earth and cocoa. Typical characteristics are the big body, fine, late acidity and intense notes of chocolate, caramel and pecan nuts.

Tropical Leaves

The producers get a price which is up to 70% above the world market level.


Dethlev Cordts: "Meticulous care on cultivation, harvesting and processing combine to deliver a near perfect cup. From revenues and additional donations we help the schools and health stations. We finance the extension of infrastructure and offer a long-term perspective to the people of Lampocoy."


Lampocoy - GPS: North 14.56.33,3 - West 89.20.21,5

Movies about the project can be seen on youtube and search for "Lampocoy".



CTS Coffee Trading Stehl

phone: +49 40 6579 480


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